The Russian language course for foreigners

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Кол-во ак.ч. (The ammount of academic hours) depends on the number of students in a group and varies from 40 to 96 a.h.
Время (Time) morning, afternoon, evening
Срок обучения в группе (Term of study in a group) 1 level - 3 months
Цена (Prices) can be seen in the table (for physical person)
По окончании курса выдается (At the end of the course) students receive a certificate
Программа курса

The number of students in the group: 2 - 8 

Number of students in the group Schedule Number of lessons per month Cost (hryvnias)
2 twice a week 1,33 a.h.each 10,64 a.h. 760,00
4-8 twice a week 2 a.h.each 21 a.h. 760,00
9-10 twice a week 2 a.h.each 24 a.h. 539,00

Multilevel educational system. The main accent during the course is made on the development of speaking skills (70% of academic time) with essential improving of grammar (15%), reading and writing. 

The program is intended for foreigners. Lessons are conducted in English and German. 

The learning process is based on modern author methods: interesting dialogues, up-to-date texts, effective exercises and new teaching approaches.

 Preliminary free test helps to define the level of starting knowledge and according to its results groups of 2, 4, 6 students are formed and individual lessons are planned. 

After each level of study students have a final test and successful results of the test give them the opportunity to continue studying at a higher level. 

At the final stage of studying Russian a course- leaver has a final test and according to its results receives a certificate.

Term of study can vary from 2 months to 2 years and depends on your starting level and your desirable level of Russian.

Preliminary training

Free preliminary test gives the opportunity to define the starting level of your knowledge. Foreigners who are going to study Russian should have a good command of English or German.

The aims of the course ‘Russian for foreigners’

The aim of the course is mastering Russian language step by step and constant improvement of existing level of knowledge. At the final stage of learning at each level you will be able:

Starting level- you will read simple texts and have conversations on everyday subjects.

Elementary level – you will be able to understand the main content of the conversation or the text, speak on everyday topics, present brief information of what you have heard or read.

Pre- intermediate- you will understand the content of the information clearly , speak your own mind, make presentations on different topics, write letters, e-mails, resumes, read adapted literature.

Intermediate – you will speak Russian fluently on different topics, take and give interviews, make presentations and reports, write business letters of different levels of difficulty, communicate easily with native speakers, read original literature and make reviews.


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